Fastest Way to Grow a Podcast?

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.


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    Let’s break down why going on podcasts is one of the fastest ways to grow in podcasting. It’s a little bit cringy and makes you feel weird to be like, oh, can I come on your show? The thought of doing that is just horrifying, right? But it does work. And let’s break down why it works. It’s because that’s where the fish already are. There are masses of people who have, you don’t have to convince them to go find the apple podcast app, or to find the Spotify app, they already know how to work and they’re already listening to shows. And they’re already excited to find other people that they’re excited about.


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    And the behavior of podcast listeners is that they like to binge content, right? So it’s not just one episode, it’s like, I’ll listen to 10 of them over the course of a couple of days, right? So there is this opportunity to build a deep relationship with people if you can figure out how to go on other shows. Now, that is the hard part. How do you get on other shows when you feel like you have nothing to offer? And nobody would want to hear from you? Well, that’s where I think from day one of starting your podcast, you should be taking notes and writing scripts and building out material and creating your content in a way even that if you were to be like, hey, look, here’s some of my episodes. And here are three topics that I could talk about, that I love exploring that are really interesting and going to be compelling for your audience. If you could present that to somebody who’s got like a small to medium following with their podcasts, you know, they’re not like the Tim Ferriss podcast or anything like that. But something that’s a smaller medium show, it is very, very likely that you can start to do a run and promote your show by going on other smaller to medium-sized podcasts.


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    But it all starts by having those compelling bullet points, or else nobody really is going to pay attention. But I get those pitches all the time. And I love getting those pitches, actually, because some of them aren’t good, but some of them when they are, provide amazing content for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have even thought about. So it’s all about how you would structure your pitch. And that pitch from day one is something that I would start working on because it will be responsible for helping you get on other shows. And the other thing is just waiting around until people actually ask you to come on their show. And how you do that is by just creating amazing content. But the more active way is by structuring something where you’re like, look, I’d love to have you on my show. I’d love to go to your show. Here’s what I can talk about. Does this lineup Okay, let’s do it. Let me know if you have any questions about this because this is a big topic. It’s a big promotion strategy and it deserves a lot more time than just, you know these couple of minutes so drop a comment with your questions and shoot me a DM I’d love to hear from you.


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