SILENCE as a tool in video editing: YouTube vs Film/TV Shows

Next time you watch a movie or stream a show, here’s a way to appreciate the power of SILENCE in editing.

Notice how if you look away from the screen for 60 seconds, you’ll miss KEY pieces of story.

The music makes you want to look at the screen.

But the SILENCE in a scene IS the dialogue.

Now switch over to a YouTube video. There’s almost no silence.

Yet somehow I can put my phone face down. And still absorb 80% of the information through the audio alone.

(ie. music videos, educational content, podcasts, etc)

So this is a strategy to learn from Film/TV in editing technique.

In YouTube and social, silence doesn’t have to be as long as a Film/TV scene (3-10 seconds or longer sometimes).

Use silence as a tool to pull viewers in during key moments.

You can see this data on your retention graph for a YouTube video.

And you will see it increase key metrics like view duration and watch time.

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