My editing client went from 9.7k to 100k subscribers on YouTube in less than 60 days


Hey Misbah here. Welcome to the Habit Chest Podcast. On this show, I like to explore the question of how do the underdogs like us? How do we build our own table, and how do we do it in a way where we don’t have to ask for permission or be asked to sit down? We can set up the game in a way that. 

This serves not just the algorithms, but this serves us and hopefully we can build skills, we can build systems, and we can get really good at allocating our time and thought to the right things and projects that matter to us.
So I appreciate you hanging out and joining me today. Make sure to check out the links in the description below. There’s a bunch of free tools and all that good stuff there that you might find helpful. But anyways, let’s dive into the episode. 

Today I wanna share something wild with you. My client just hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and she’s gonna be getting her Creator award, getting that play button.

And it’s something that like, I can’t explain how genuinely happy I have been for her and like vicariously experiencing through her because. She reached out to me when she had about 9.6, so 9,600 subscribers on YouTube, and I believe it was March 28th, and basically on June 15th is when she hit a hundred thousand subscribers.
And to watch that astronomic rise is not something you have the opportunity to see every single day with every client. I work with, especially when I was first starting my business in 2020, working with a lot of people who are trying to go from zero to one. I kind of made that my market and then I got really good at it.

The tough part with that was people who are going from zero to one are very different than people who are trying to go from one to 10. And then also, here’s the third category, is going from nine to a hundred. Okay. So that is where I saw my client, Lauren, when she came to me, she had a working product already.

She had, she’d put work in that really validated like a lot of sweat equity on the back end of what goes into a YouTube channel. And I kept a very close eye as she had 20,000, 30,000, 50,000. It was so wild to watch and it’s, this is what people talk about when they’re like, look, You add some, that’s my job.
Adding grease to the wheel, something that is working already. If I get my hands on that and I have somebody who’s the number one who’s center stage, who can really, you know, push without me needing to push them, it’s just such a dynamic pairing, and I have, she’s my favorite client. To work with. And I really am honored because I know she’s very picky and doesn’t trust every, a lot of people with her content, her voice, her brand.
So I feel very honored to get to work on this channel. Links all in the description below if you wanna check it out and support it. But really, I wanna share something that I learned. This wasn’t just to toot my own horn, even though I am excited and I can’t stop thinking or talking about it, but the, the lesson that I got from this, Was that I don’t need the craziest, fanciest production and neither do you to reach the right people that you want to reach enough people that you want to make your thing happen.
Because before I started editing for Lauren’s channel, The editing’s great. She was doing it herself, and it was nothing crazy. It was just a lot of d i y. I’m not saying it was bad or anything, but it’s just not seeing fancy stuff on YouTube, like seeing that stuff. Seeing things that aren’t fancy on YouTube succeed indicates really strong.

Content value, like what’s being talked about is a really, is really awesome. And it was a great actual because she and um, her husband like commented on this video that I did a while back. It was on my Instagram and it was about how 16% of searches every year new on Google. This is in the SEO world. I learned.
But it’s, I think about it the same way for podcasting and YouTube. It’s, that indicates early adopters, right? Who. Are taking the chance to create things that people are thinking about, saying the things that other people don’t wanna say. And if they’re right, then it takes a couple years. You feel crazy for a couple years.
Is this right? Is this reaching other people? But when you do, it takes off like a freaking rocket ship. And that’s the example here. It’s, there’s all these little milestones getting to your first 100 subscribers, then 1000, then 5,000, then 10. And it’s, I. Really learned that simplicity when starting out and consistency, like whatever allows you to be consistent.
So Lauren did a lot of lives, right? Things that were two hours, three hours, and it was, everything was live. So it focused on, she had to perform and then because of her performance, it made clips possible, right? There’s tons of clips that we can choose from. Three hours that I go, we go back and take from it the structure.

Of the content reaction type content and being able to do this in a way that’s not really super fancy. And then it’s now that she got monetized. As soon as she got monetized, she reinvested everything like towards, not everything towards me, the number two as an editor. And it made me really appreciate that hustle.
Cuz I think about things that same way where it’s you’re trying to. Find that number two, right? It’s not gonna be somebody full-time maybe, or somebody who’s a, like, it doesn’t always have to be for everything. But in this corner, in this problem that you’re trying to solve, who is the number two? They fill in the gaps.
So Lauren focuses on actually creating, she does jujitsu. She has like her blue belt. She is a mom. She is still working like a, her full-time corporate gig. So it’s, she’s got a lot going on. And then two, make. Videos on her own to get herself up to 9,000 is such a big deal. It takes a lot of work, and then you are rewarded for all of that work.

All those late nights that you put in after you’re tired, after you did jiu-jitsu, you got your ass kicked, and now you’re editing a video yourself to get it out there. Getting a number two in there like me, where I’ve made it very easy for her to hand off dozens and dozens of things that just keep things flowing at all times.
The lesson for me is, Simplicity is where you have to start. And if you can start with a number two, that’s amazing, but simplicity is what allows you to keep going, especially when you’re solo, cuz deep down in your heart, the second it’s a little bit complicated, you make the format a little too wild where it’s like too tough to keep up with.
Like you gotta admit to yourself if you’re gonna be able to keep it rolling until you get from zero to nine. And it, this was just such a great reminder in anything that you’re starting from scratch. And for a lot of my clients who are starting from scratch where I, I get to see who, I get to see a lot of clients who have ri like the rise really quickly.
And then people who take a long time to get there, to find their voice and, but they still get there. And so that’s the cool part. 

It’s okay, we all have to go from zero to one, that we all have to go from one to nine. And then when you’re there, then you can think about the nine to a hundred. But the lessons you wanna take from nine to a hundred is basically volume and simplicity.
So doing something that is simple enough that you can repeat it. So if you’re doing a YouTube video, it’s doing more than one per week when you’re starting out is helpful just because you get more practice, you get more of those failed attempts outta the way, and it’s just one more shot closer to. That one video that’s really gonna take off or help bring more subscribers to your channel.
And then once you’ve gotten used to that volume, cuz usually in that process, Lauren definitely found her voice after doing dozens of lives and videos that came from that and finding, oh, okay, this one works. And then doubling down on that format. You don’t get to find that until you take those swings.
And if you take a swing once a week, you get 52 swings a year. And if you wanna get 104 swings a year, then you basically up that to two times per week. I think that’s a pretty doable number if you set your show format up correctly. And there are seasons where you’re gonna back off of that. You might do one per week or whatever it is.

But the biggest thing that I learned was use simplicity to. Build a working product. In this case it is content on a YouTube channel that people wanna watch enough that we’re getting monetized. And that’s like ad revenue and Patreon stuff is the main thing. There’s not like a bunch of services or products like I’m used to with other, like that cybersecurity expert I’m working with.
They have consulting and things like that that they offer. It’s just impressive man to be able to monetize through YouTube and to get to that a hundred thousand mark. So I just wanna take a second to. Congratulate Lauren from The Advocate for all of her hard work, getting to a hundred thousand subscribers, getting that play button, and here is a toast to getting to a million.
I’m ready. This is, this is something so invested in, fired up about, I can’t even explain it to you guys. It’s, I’ll keep you posted as I learn more as we go beyond this a hundred K mark and what I learned about. Viewer retention, attention and multi-platform stuff that I’m gonna be testing as well. I hope in your own world you can watch some of those people instead of just going straight to the people who have a million, 2 million followers and learning from what they have to say.
It’s, yeah, definitely keep them in your back pocket, but really watch the people who have accelerated rise and take a second to. Question, like what’s contributing to that? You don’t have to like it, but really from an outside perspective, what’s contributing to that? And for me, I’m taking some of the things that I documented and told you.
I hope there was something in here that was useful for you. I appreciate you hanging out and listening. To me, uh, playing my tune and, uh, pondering about this cuz a special moment. And I honestly haven’t fully processed it yet either. It’s just onto the next thing onto the million. Make sure to check out the links in the description below.
There’s some free tools and good stuff if you are on your own creator journey. Thanks so much. I appreciate your time and I will see you on the next one.
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