How many Google searches every year are completely new?


Hey, Misbah. Welcome to the Habit Chest Podcast. On this show, I like to explore the question of how do the underdogs like us? How do we build our own table, and how do we do it in a way where we don’t have to ask for permission or be asked to sit down? We can set up the game in a way that. 
This serves not just the algorithms, but this serves us and hopefully we can build skills, we can build systems, and we can get really good at allocating our time and thought to the right things and projects that matter to us.
So I appreciate you hanging out and joining me today. Make sure to check out the links in the description below. There’s a bunch of free tools and all that good stuff there that you might find helpful. But anyways, let’s dive into the episode. This is something that I learned from Adam and Froy in the SEO and blogging world, but it carries over into YouTube and podcasting.
And I’m sure you can see why, but 16% of searches on Google every year are new, meaning they haven’t been searched for before, but people are clearly thinking about it. New products, services, ways of doing things. And these typically do appeal to early adopters. But if you can create something early on and be one of the first, it’s like winning the lottery in the content game sometimes.
So think about podcasting as a place where you can take those risks. With titles, you don’t have to be so rigid in terms of keywords. With your podcast, you can actually try to read the minds of your target viewer, listener, or reader. And if you’re right, this bet pays off big time over the next several years.
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