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Pricing and Plans

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This includes audio episodes with UNLIMITED recording to support your frequency goals. 1-3 episodes per week is a great cadence.


6 short form clips per week for your Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok,  and/or Facebook


Edit 2-4 long form videos per week for your YouTube channel. 


Detailed content development: planning scripts, footage to be filmed, promotion and monetization strategies that shift with you from Day 1

About Pod Mahal

After a 10+ year international fitness career training SWAT team. professional athletes, and Fortune 500 executives, I launched Pod Mahal to capture mic-drop moments for legends like Mat Fraser, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mike Tyson,

How it all started

I’ll give you a quick background of how I got into podcasting

– In 2016, I was slugging away as a fitness instructor, opening the gym at 5am, teaching 6 spin classes a day, then rushing home to Uber drive for extra cash. Sleep, rinse, repeat. I started my first show (now Inside the Mind with Misbah Haque) as a creative, and spiritual outlet. I wanted to stretch my mind in the gymnastics of conversation. I was also hella nervous and wanted to tackle my fear of learning in public.

–  Cut to 2017, my podcast lands me a dream internship at CrossFit Invictus and a job at Revival Strength, where I produced and co-hosted over 100 episodes (1m+ downloads) of Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly, a professional athlete and founder of functionalbodybuilding.net.

– In 2020, after contributing to the fitness space for 10+ years, I started Pod Mahal to help other people make quantum leaps in their self expression and business through podcasting. While many of my clients are in the fitness and wellness space, it’s expanded to quite the—one day it’s a dorky dad’s comic book podcast, the next it’s a 71 y/o Pilates instructor sharing alll the deets about her dating life and love. I’m hooked on the magic of getting to know each creator on such a frequency that I can help them speak their ideas into existence.

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“A lot of things I liked about working with this Misbah. First of all, he showed a TON of initiative even before the project began and showed a personal investment in what we were working on. When he delivered the first stages of the product, I was blown away because his style was exactly what I was looking for. The edits are clean, well thought out, and hilarious. When responding to my revision requests, he was so polite and genuinely committed to ensuring I was happy with the outcome.

Misbah is worth every dollar and more. After many projects together he still surprises me with how wickedly fast he returns finalized work, and his edits this round made me literally cry laughing on my videos. I look forward to a continuous climb of success with this creator – he is only getting better.

You have no idea how much finding Misbah means to me. 

He just keep finding new ways to prove I found the best, kindest, most hardworking and attentive to detail editor I could have found.

I wish he could have been there during the times I couldn’t even say out loud “I need to hire an editor” because I was sooo afraid of trusting someone with my work, Misbah were the exact person I needed.” — Lauren, The Dadvocate

YouTube – Helped Lauren go from 9.7k to 100k+ subscribers to earn her creator award in less than 60 days

Instagram – 237k followers

TikTok – 1.3 million followers

Done-for-you Podcast Production

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