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Hi, I’m Misbah Haque, a stand up comedian and podcast producer. I was unknown on the internet and started with zero people outside of my immediate circle.

Today, I produce over 10 different podcasts across multiple genres. I aim to arm coaches with the tools they need to get ahead of the curve with this powerful medium we now call podcasting.

I’ve built a team that takes the headache inducing parts of production completely off coaches’  plates so they can just show up and record.

I help coaches launch a podcast that connects them with more compliant & compatible clients.

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Dawid P. – Fitness Coaching Client from Warsaw, Poland

But back in 2010, I had nothing going for me as a new fitness coach.

  • I didn’t have a body like Hercules
  • My indian parents didn’t see coaching as a viable career
  • And despite my DNA, none of the technical skills came naturally to me

There were so many other trainers and coaches who knew way more than I did. I mean if I was going off looks, I might choose them too!

My client roster was growing painfully slow. After 5 years of working onsite with all sorts of clients, I still felt like I had nothing to show for it on the internet.

And ultimately that’s what I wanted. I’m good enough at math to know that training clients for pennies on the dollar for a big gym wasn’t getting me to a full-time income.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t feeling the pressure from my parents. I worked every weekend throughout all my college years because I wanted to prove I could become somebody in this business. Just enough to move out and be an adult.

Trust me, I tried the ‘lemonade stand’ selling coaching. Seminars, Instagram posts, guest blogging, you name it.

I found myself spending hours on content that no one would see. Everytime I thought I had a piece of client acquisition figured out, I was wrong.

I learned the nuts and bolts that make coaches glaze over piece by piece.

Lead magnets, email sequences, positioning, distribution, etc. I found that no ONE tactic was the magic like I thought it’d be.

I had also spent literally thousands of dollars on courses to learn this stuff. Quickly realizing that this is SO much harder than everyone makes it sound.

I couldn’t comprehend how someone like me was going to get chosen by my ideal client on the internet. No one liked my posts for months outside of close friends & family.

How would I get someone to listen to a podcast and be excited enough to pay me for coaching?

Even though it felt like I was starting over every few months, I was failing better every time I made moves in my fitness business.

I remember getting my first message on Facebook from this guy in Wisconsin who loved my show. I couldn’t believe it. Someone who actually knows me OUTSIDE of my 15 mile radius.

When he paid me $47 for a mobility program I created, it was the sweetest notification I’ve ever gotten.

Eventually my podcast generated opportunities like internships and a dream job that helped me reach my goal of earning a full time income in fitness (while living in San Francisco).

Grew my client roster to 60-70 clients that were on long term contracts. They were paying $265-375 / month to work with me. I got to work with gyms, coaches, and everyday people who were trusting me with their fitness.

This is when I really saw the power of podcasting in my life. I got to produce and co-host a show where listeners regularly requested me on our coaching applications.

When I hopped on calls with them, I felt an immediate sense of connection.

They would reference certain tips I had mentioned in previous episodes. I realized some of these people have had a relationship with me for over a year and I had no idea about it!

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