After studying Kinesiology at West Chester University, I spent 10+ years as an international fitness professional, training SWAT team, athletes and Fortune 100 executives.

In 2017, I packed my bags for a Bay Area startup, where I producedย several top-rated podcasts in the health space with more than 1m+ listens.

Then, in September 2020, I went all in on my media production company, Pod Mahal. I make blockbusters for the small screen, specializing in podcasts, YouTube, and short-form clips.

Fromย content creators and auto shops, to cybersecurity analysts and pharmaceutical pioneers,ย I live to help my clients build their own table.

Here are some of my favorite episodes

Invictus Mindset Podcast w/ Los Angeles Lakers’ Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach:ย https://www.crossfitinvictus.com/blog/randy-flores-invictus-mindset/

Coaching For Impact: Applying Knowledge w/ Dr. John Berardi and Marcus Filly: https://podmahal.com/coaching-for-impact-applying-knowledge-with-dr-john-berardi-and-marcus-filly/

Emotional Fitness & Cognitive Flexibility w/ Carl Paoli: https://podmahal.com/emotional-fitness-and-cognitive-flexibility-w-carl-paoli

Squat University: Going DEEP w/ Dr. Aaron Horschig: https://podmahal.com/squat-university-going-deep-w-dr-aaron-horschig/

Biohacking Fitness, Brain Function, and Creativity w/ Ben Greenfield:ย https://podmahal.com/biohacking-fitness-brain-function-and-creativity-w-ben-greenfield/

How Coaching Can Help You Take Quantum Leaps w/ Noah Kagan: https://podmahal.com/how-coaching-helps-you-take-quantum-leaps-w-noah-kagan/

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