The podcast that changed my career (forever)

I started Inside The Mind podcast back in 2016 (called it The Airborne Mind Show). I didn’t have much of an ‘expert’ status that I could lean into.

But I knew that I loved learning, asking questions, and talking to people who had done what I’m trying to do.

Within a year and a half, this podcast allowed me to connect with CEOs, coaches, and athletes I never could have imagined.

I landed an internship at Invictus Fitness through my show.

I got a full time gig at Functional Bodybuilding coaching 70 clients from all over the world.

And my boss at the time, Marcus Filly, asked me to co-host and help produce Look Good Move Well. I went on to do over 100 episodes.

The whole time I didn’t ever feel like “I know what I’m doing now.”

That’s part of what makes Inside The Mind so fun. It’s a documentation from Day 1 of my journey as a kid trying to make a full time career out of fitness.

Here is a popular episode that still to this day gets thousands of downloads. It was my 17th episode ever. And changed the course of my life.

It’s my conversation with Marcus Filly, maybe 6-9 months before I started working with him. You can give it a listen here.


Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

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