Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly

This podcast was born out of a few conversations I had with Marcus on my own podcast, Inside The Mind. I remember when he asked me to help him co-host and create this show under Functional Bodybuilding.

Even though I did this for free, it was the highlight of career at Revival Strength. I got to witness the power of podcasting when it comes to building relationships.

My coaching roster grew and people started requesting me for consultations. Our icebreakers weren’t awkward because we’d always talk about what episode they enjoyed and how they discovered the podcast.

I got to record over 100 episodes with Marcus (up to the end of Season 9) that were densely focused around wellness.

This show has grown to over a million downloads and is one of the best fitness podcasts out there. I would highly recommend studying this show to help you see how it speaks to a very specific kind of person.

Here is probably one of the best conversations we had on Look Good Move Well. It was with Dr. John Berardi, who is a TITAN in the nutrition industry. We were both so nervous for this one.

But man we covered so much ground, I get giddy thinking about it.

Give the episode a listen or skim here.

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

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