Why Most People Don’t Listen To Podcasts (And How To Deal With It)


Honestly, one of the biggest reasons that people don’t listen to podcasts is because they don’t know how to find them. Unfortunately, podcasts aren’t friendly to search the same way YouTube and blogging and all that good stuff is or even Instagram, the quick lookup of somebody’s handle. So when you promote your podcast, I found that you definitely have to make it very, very clear where you want people to go for the first 90 days is definitely the best spot that you can point people to just because the reviews are actually there. And you want to get on the new and noteworthy list if possible, which comes by tricking the algorithm and being like, hey, this show is awesome. People are reviewing it, people are listening to it. Not everybody is an apple or iOS user. 

So keeping that in mind, you also want to make sure that you acknowledge you’re on Google, you’re on Spotify. Spotify is the next place that I actually would prioritize after Apple because they now have a rating feature. Any place there’s a rating feature you definitely want to invest your time and energy into. Because think about the way we consume product reviews before we buy something on Amazon just to see is it good? Is it not? Is it worth my money? So the same way people are thinking about your show like okay is this worth my time. So if you can capitalize on the reviews on Apple, and the reviews on Spotify, you’re in pretty good shape for convincing somebody just based on the quick glance and reviews, it gives you that extra edge in terms of somebody clicking and listening to your episode. The third-place actually that I would prioritize. 

And for some people this will be number one, it really depends on your circumstance and what your goals are with podcasting. But for businesses, a great idea would be to send people to your website. So after a little while, maybe apple and Spotify, if you can make sure that on your website, you have links going to Apple, Spotify, all the different places. But you may also have individual episodes, if you have videos and things like that you have them embedded as blog posts. And within those blog posts, you have links to the full episode on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you are. And you might be like, Oh, who reads blogs anymore? Why would I do that? And the point is that on a website, what people see is more controllable, right for a portfolio purpose, then it would be very smart for you to point people to a website, where you have very carefully thought out and selected the best of your work, the highlights the best episodes, maybe some podcasts, even a guest song and things of that nature. If you are not doing podcasting for let’s say a full-on business purpose, and you have this goal of really growing the show within the medium of podcasting, then I would definitely recommend that you go straight to Apple, straight to Spotify. 

That’s where most people are consuming shows, on average, somebody who listens to podcasts on those types of platforms is consuming seven to eight shows per week, YouTube is another place. But we’ll get into that another day as to why it can work and why it’s not as good for podcasting sometimes and how to kind of game that but how you want to make it very, very easy for people to find you make sure that Apple and Spotify is prioritizing the audio experience is and then if you’re a business drive people to your website, you might be wondering if you’re doing video, how do you make your podcast easily find a for that. And the answer to that is YouTube, which is number one, that’s kind of where you can build a long-term catalog. And that really gives you an advantage in the search engines and when people Google you and things like that as well. But you might also be building on Instagram or Tiktok or wherever your other main feeds are, when you’re doing YouTube, make sure to consider that the growth there is way slower, right? Especially if you’re just not editing at all, and you’re posting your podcast unedited, up there. If I was kind of completely starting over from scratch, the way I would use YouTube is Yes, keep publishing the full episode because there are a few people that do enjoy watching them. 

And so even if it’s just one person or five people 10 People like to me that’s worth it to maybe do that. But the real moneymaker for you too with podcasting is if you can condense the highlights if can craft a good title that is aligned with the top 10 minutes or the top five minutes that really tells a story from start to finish. The hard part is really just aligning the content with a good title and thumbnail so that all things match for the viewer experience. The truth is not everybody is going to consume your podcasts or search for it in the same way. So one of the things that you want to make sure to do is just help people to search your name because your name is unique. 

Nobody else has a show name that’s anywhere near it. So if people search your name, all of the podcasts that you’ve done, an apple or Spotify will populate whether you’ve been a guest on them or whether they are your shows or episodes. And another thing I would really recommend if you want to make it easy for people to find your podcast is to always have the apple Spotify YouTube website or Google or Stitcher make sure to have those links in a trackable link below or genius, geni.us or whatever making it easy for people to find your podcast isn’t just as simple as telling them to go to Apple or telling them to go to Spotify because we all consume content. 

And our behavior with consuming content is very different. So you have to respect wherever people are consuming. And if people only hang out on Instagram, and figure out a way to get your clips, they might not grow as fast as the trending sounds or whatever is hot on Instagram. But at least it’s a way that gives people a jumping-off point to find your show. Maybe that might not be worth it when you’re a really successful show or when you have a lot of residual traffic from a catalog of content you’ve built. But when you’re a newer show, it can be worth it to put in that time to make your episodes searchable.


Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

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