Lawyer Up Your Small Biz w/ Rachel Brenke

Rachel is a Lawyer who also helps entrepreneurs build profitable, legal, and strategic businesses so that her clients live their real life. She started to try a lot of businesses before and some of them fail as we all do. However, it’s never a hindrance for her to stop, instead, it pushes her to strive more.Β 

At the age of 20, Rachel was diagnosed with cancer and she already had her first baby while her husband was outside Iraq.Β 

She felt like she needed to have a flexible business so she grabbed her laptop and she entered the business world for graphic designs for Print-on-Demand companies. She made money from that and she started to grow and develop more businesses.Β 

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.


    The biggest thing that revolutionizes business:

    Taking and getting a terrifyingly niche wherein you are specific with who you’re serving, everything else will fall into place. It demands and dictates the answer of what platform you’re going to use, what content you’re going to put out, what products or services you’re going to have.Β 

    When establishing your business, brainstorm on who you want to serve and what kind of service or product you want to offer or sell. Target a more specific audience.Β 

    Words of wisdom to those people who feel like they are in wrong niche:

    Do not be afraid to spend money, time, effort and most especially do not be afraid to make a decision because there is a FREENESS FREEDOM, once you already made a decision to start a business, and when you feel like you already done a lot of research to find the right niche and it still doesn’t work, then try a NEW ONE.Β 

    Based on your past experiences in business, make it your foundation to grow. Those PAST mistakes are your LEARNINGS. These mistakes will help you in making decisions and it will lead you until you’ll be in the right niche.Β 

    The Importance of (KPI) Key Performance Indicators:

    • KPI streamlines your business.Β 

    If you have internal data as your basis on what projects work best, it tells you where you should capitalize your effort and where you should focus more. In checking KPIs, it should be done often to track your current performance and your current company standing.

    • Leaning into your KPI is important.

    If you’re mostly relying on your intuition without valid supporting documentation and previous data, your business will fall off a cliff.

    In this regard, the use of KPI or data as your basis in making decisions is very substantial especially when you pursue new projects. Your previous reports and data will help you discern what projects to undertake and projects to reject.

    How to connect with Rachel:Β 

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