You see, I know how hard it is to find high quality clients online. It’s hard enough when you’re experienced, let alone just starting out. 

That’s why I want to help you create a production system for yourself that lets your content do the work. It becomes your constant marketer, building connections, forging bonds and bringing high quality, high paying clients to your door.

Say goodbye to proving yourself to potential clients who probably wouldn’t buy anyway. And say hello to reaching the right audience and letting your content do the work for you. (Without needing 25,000 downloads per episode.)

How Blake Personalizes Client Experience Using Podcasts

“I used to just send people things I listened to that were impacting me because these people are like mentors or coaches to me. But they’re nobody to these other people. They’re just a topic or a resource of information. And so what people are really looking for I think is the connection to their coach. You don’t make podcasts and websites to get big and famous. You make them have tools to connect with your clients better.”

Scaling Your Best Conversations to Work For You

“I really wanted to understand how can I reduplicate what that client’s experience was when she did four hours of the podcast with me to make the experience better.

And so the power of recording yourself I’ve found is so important. So I don’t have to continue to repeat myself. It’s really just the conversations that you’re having on a regular basis with clients, you’re turning into helpful content that can be recorded and used and sent to more people to help more people. 

So it’s creating more change. And it’s also allowing my business to grow with me. It’s scaling me to not have to say the same thing that I know and it’s good, but at the same time, it helped me understand the value of how many conversations I could be having that I can’t have all at once.

And so the podcast really allows me to have that creative edge, but also, that scalability to help me grow my business in a way that can help more people, but also expand what I’m trying to give to the health and fitness community.”

How Tish Uses Podcasting to Create Deeper Relationships With Her Community

“Tish is a great example of someone who uses podcasting to connect deeply with her community and clients. Since she has plans & programs that lead to a very high volume of clients, her episodes are a very personal touch from a client experience standpoint.

Her social media fans get to see a different side of Tish. There’s a lot of ground covered in 30min episodes. When people ask me “What kind of results can I expect from podcasting?” The truthful answer is that it depends on your existing systems. Tish has been doing this for years and has people interested in what she’s doing. It’s working. Podcasting just adds grease to the wheel. (Make sure the bolts are fastened).

If you are starting from scratch, you can’t expect this to be the magic pill. But I hope you see how investing in the skills & reps to create with this system is a chess move worth making.”

“I started making pretty good money, and then the more business owners I spoke to, the more they kept saying, you need to continue to invest in your own business. [Podcasting] is an investment in my business. I see other trainers doing it and I really, really liked [Misbah]. I loved [his] energy. I’m always alone. I’m always doing things by myself, but it’s nice to have someone like [Misbah] helping me. That’s the only way you’re going to grow, is if you constantly are invested in it, financially and otherwise.”

Athan S. – Gym Owner, Austin, Texas

” What excited about working with Athan was that he wanted to use podcasts as a way to connect with 250+ members at his gym. He’s in the military, owns a successful gym, and a local grocery store that fuels his community! “

Kyle S. – The Comic Book Lair – Irvine, California

“What excited about working with Athan was that he wanted to use podcasts as a way to connect with 250+ members at his gym. He’s in the military, owns a successful gym, and a local grocery store that fuels his community!”

Josefine H. – Celebrity Trainer, 2021 NPC European Pro Champ – Sweden

“I really wanted to start a podcast, but I literally didn’t know where to start or how to do it. All these tech things were so intimidating for me. I was like “I have no idea if I can actually talk on a podcast and host my own show.” Then I was so lucky to meet Misbah and we talked about it. And I was like, ‘Omg, this is literally what I have been looking for!’ He taught me how to think when I record things. And helped me to overcome all the obstacles that I had in my head going into it. He helped me to overcome imposter syndrome. He helped me to brainstorm ideas for topics or who to have on my podcast, if I should do it on my own, or if I should have guests and, and everything helped me so much. It took the guesswork out of it. [Without Misbah], I would probably not even have started my own podcast still. I’m so thankful for everything he does for me every week. And I can’t wait to keep working with him.”

“Beating Podcast Imposter Syndrome”

Dan & Elise – Trainer & Nutritionist, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Misbah has catapulted our business forward in the best ways possible.

He has been with us each step of the way, supporting us, guiding us, and most importantly giving us systems and implantations to grow our company at a rate we never thought possible. His knowledge and expertise are unmatched.”

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Rodney Joseph, Owner at Glenside Barber Company


Bryce Smith

“You are a master of your craft.”

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