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We are happy to craft a custom package to your specific needs. That’s why we designed this calculator below. We found it helps 80% of our new and recurring clients plan, execute, and handoff content 3x faster. If you’re tired of waiting weeks or months while your ideas get lost in your camera roll, take 2 minutes to brainstorm below.

Step 1

Think about what you'd like to see out of your clip or episode

Our pricing is made accessible for all budgets. We’ve broken down the elements of production that affect your quote.

Step 2

Mix and match based on what you need right now

You’re not committing to anything by filling out this form. So dream big!

Step 3

View the calculated pdf

You can save or send a copy to your email. This helps move things along way faster when you’re ready to press play. Any q’s? Just ask [email protected]

All SHORT FORM CLIPS include FREE addition of:

  • Captions / Subtitles
  • Sound design + mixing
  • Progress bar
  • PROVIDED Motion graphics
  • Client-provided B Roll
  • Custom branding (watermarks, fonts, colors, etc)
  • Up to 60 raw footage provided
  • Up to 2min running time for short clips 
  • Have longer videos? Include in your notes below

All FULL EPISODES include FREE addition of:

  • motion graphics
  • sound design + mixing
  • adding licensed music and sound effects
  • and up to 60 minutes of raw footage provided per episode.
Short Form Clips
Add emojis, gifs, and B Roll
Design thumbnail/cover Image
Color grading?
Full Podcast episodes / YouTube videos
Video version for YouTube?
Thumbnail for YT version?
Upload, schedule, publish on YT and audio platforms
Write show notes, transcript, timestamps
Upload, schedule, and publish into website for SEO
Longer episode? (more than 60min)
Please interact with any of the choices availabe above

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