What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Podcast

I started my own podcast 6 years ago, and I wasn’t anywhere near equipped with the right tools and information at that time. It took me years to learn what worked in podcasting. Since then I’ve had the chance to manage several podcasts that provide some useful data on what helps growth and what doesn’t.

So before starting your own podcast, I want to share these 7 tips that will save you time before you enter into the podcasting world.

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

    1. Build your own table.

    Don’t just wait to be asked to sit at the table. Work on building value through making your own.

    2. It’s okay to mess up.

    You are bound to make mistakes and errors while you are recording, editing, or even publishing your show. But nothing imprints learning than making acute errors that force your brain to find corrections. That uncomfortable feeling of messing up doesn’t go away, even as you become more ‘perfect’ on the mic. Also it’s way funner to watch someone grow, change, and develop than someone who’s perfect right out the gate, ALL the time.

    3. Be prepared for tech issues.

    Anticipate any technical issues i.e., internet speed, device issues, browser issues, etc. Prepare for backup plans in case these issues happen, so you can handle them properly.

    4. Take calculated risks.

    Set-up and test all your equipment long before game day. Don’t try too many new things on a really big recording. This helps remove a layer of anxiety so you can be present during your conversation.

    5. Distribution is non-negotiable.

    How will people find and consume your show? I’ve had some people tell me that they never listen to me on podcast platforms but always watch my IGTV clips. Because they have a few mins and it’s easier to consume. I’m happy with that. Using a clip from my show to land a new supporter is an example of distribution in podcasting.

    6. Distribution requires having something to distribute.

    Utilize the use of social media in your podcast. Redirect people to listen in your podcast by posting on these online platforms.

    7. Record the video version.

    Even if you don’t publish the video version, save it! The visual element can add a lot of curiosity. Especially since the rest of it might be audio only. But once you get comfortable on camera, incorporate video into your podcasts to increase your reach and create more opportunities for distribution.

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