‘Sell your sawdust’ with podcasting

Making money with podcasting is hard. But not if you sell your sawdust. Think about what you’re already doing that might be child’s play to you, but it’s a life saving solution for someone else.

A trainer who coaches group glasses could very easily capture conversations with a few happy members.

That’s social proof and opportunity to educate around your offering.

Every question this trainer gets asked is written down as a note for later.

When it comes time to record, you can use this ‘sawdust’ for content that helps people who are a few steps behind you.

This trainer could very easily offer 1 on 1 coaching for anything who wants extra help. Maybe a sleep, food, movement analysis that informs someone on how to best move forward.

Or group lifestyle coaching online where you have more space to chat beyond the sets and reps.

What feels like work to others, but play to you? (from Naval)

If it starts feeling hard, overwhelming, and complex – you are drifting away from your ‘sawdust’. You’re buying more wood when there is plenty to be recycled.

Don’t feel guilty that something feels easy and fun for you. There are thousands of people on the internet who it’s HARD for. Put yourself in that situation.

What have you paid to learn that was tough for you at the time? Notice what made you connect with that person enough to buy. It’s usually in the specifics. They have kids like me, work the same job, have a similar sense of humor, etc.

Podcasting is the perfect way to showcase, document, AND sell your sawdust. Even if you don’tย  know what that is yet, talking it out and paying attention to what you’re paying attention to, is one of the best ways to discover your sawdust.

I wish you luck. If you need help bouncing ideas back and forth, feel free to reach out here.


Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

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