Repurpose Your Energy To Make More Content W/ Josefine Holmberg


In this episode, I talk to Josefine Holmberg. She’s the founder and the host of the One You Podcast. She was born and raised in Sweden. She currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a celebrity trainer and an online coach. 

Her passion in life is to help, inspire and motivate millions of people to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

We talk about how to use youtube shorts to grow your channel, how to develop a content strategy, and so much more. 

Show Notes: 

  • (01:56): How to use youtube shorts to grow your channel
  • (04:27): How long does it take to create content on social media? 
  • (06:37): Sharing ideas on social media to inspire your audience 
  • (11:46): How to develop a content strategy
  • (13:53): Why does your client choose to work with you? 

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Misbah  00:00

Hey, Josephine, thank you so much for hanging out today, you have been on my podcast inside the mind. We’ve talked about podcasting and a bunch of other stuff before. Today, I want to dive into YouTube and kind of workshop some content creation and how to like, repurpose some of your energy. Because you are somebody that I’ve been watching, do this for a little while, and you crossed 200 subscribers or something like that on YouTube, which, for some people who are listening, if you’re doing YouTube, how hard that is. And that’s awesome. And for people who don’t, it’s different than Instagram, right YouTube numbers, and it is breaking past that 100 is a big deal. So you’re going to kind of share some of the things you did that were really easy, like low-hanging fruit that I think a lot of people could take advantage of, or pick out their pieces and implement for their situation. So thanks for hanging out today.


Josefine  01:01

Yeah, thank you for having me. I’m excited to talk more about this.


Misbah Haque  01:06

So tell me your YouTube, we were just talking a little bit off the air, your YouTube channel has documented your fitness, you’re a coach that works a lot with celebrities, and trains them and stuff like that. And you also competed in bikini bodybuilding competitions. And so this would really kind of like take you behind the scenes and do you know, allow you to feel like you do this mainly through shorts, which is kind of the other crazy part. A lot of times on YouTube. It’s like a landscape. And you think longer videos like thumbnail title, everything is so just like dressing up. But shorts are a relatively new thing. And you’re somebody who, since I think you said January, you haven’t missed, you’ve missed only a couple of days, right?

Josefine  01:56

So my strategy was that I wanted to be consistent with something on YouTube. And I was like, I’m not great at editing things, like editing videos. So like, that’s gonna take way too much time for me to learn and get into. But I still wanted to share a little bit of my journey and like what I do on a daily basis and share some knowledge and so on. So I was like, Okay, people started talking about shorts. And I was like, Maybe I should get into that now. While still can anew and I saw like people like Gary, we the saying, like that you should post like every day. And I was like, Okay, let’s, let’s try this. And I decided that I was just going to be smart about it. So all the reels that I had posted the week before I decided that I was going to upload us sure it’s the week after. And just like show smart everything. Yeah, because I was like, that’s not gonna take double my time. And not all my YouTube followers are probably not on Instagram, or maybe they missed, like the post when I put it up on Instagram or, like whatever. Like if they see it again, that’s probably helpful. 


Misbah  03:06

Can I really quick jump in, there are two really smart things that you did there that I want to highlight. Number one is you waited a week to post the same thing, which this is the second or third time I’m hearing this from other people near me who have been like, oh, like, I’ve heard this works well. Because basically, our attention span is so short, that we forget after a day or two, like what did we see this person post last week. And so it feels totally new. Even though it’s the same thing, it’s a great reminder, even if some of those same people did see it, and they follow you on that platform. And then the second thing to highlight that’s really important here is that you have seen success from reposting what you’re already doing on reels, which is the example of like, like, I would rather I mean, it’s more inspiring to see that than it is somebody who put, like so much time into the YouTube videos on its own on top of Instagram. And it worked because you’re like, of course, it’s going to work you put time into it, it should work. But when you take something like that’s working on one place, and you just took you you know, I think you said how much time per week to basically upload the same thing or title it up because it does take time to title it or thumbnail it. How much time did you take?

Josefine  04:27

I would say maybe an hour a week, like an hour between an hour and two hours depending on like how quick the internet like sometimes there’s like some technical issues but sure, yeah, probably an hour a week to upload like seven days. I usually schedule them at the same time every day. And that’s the good thing with YouTube because they have this tool where you can actually schedule everything out which Instagram does not have.


Misbah  04:52

And I think that you chose a very lucky time. You scheduled it at 11:11 am Exactly. Wait you’re at the same time every day. And it’s like you already had this since you were using a week’s prior posts versus the same because I do this too. But it’s like, sometimes I’ll do the same like posts from that day, or else I kind of forget about it. But like, go back a week, and you’ve got so many that that audience potentially hasn’t seen. And I’m curious about this. From your knowledge, how many people are from instinct, like, do you tell your Instagram folks about your YouTube? Or are those people?


Josefine  05:33

I should probably do that now when you say it, because I haven’t done it. And I have way more followers on Instagram, so maybe I should get even more followers on YouTube, if I actually tell them on my YouTube channel.


Misbah  05:46

Well, that’s one way to look at it. But to I think it’s so cool that it grew on its own without assistance as it has. That’s because it’s a separate audience, those people, I guarantee you are not the same people that are on Instagram, because like, I don’t know, the algorithms just probably found new folks that are hanging on YouTube. But the behaviors and whatnot are different as a lot of those people sometimes don’t consume you the same way maybe on Instagram. So however they found it is cool. I’m curious now after that, what? What have you noticed? Like, any, I don’t know, like, engagement from it, or conversations that have happened? Like, what’s your plan? Or what you would like to see come out of? You’re doing YouTube, I guess.

Josefine  06:37

So for now, I think I like first of all, it was just more of a challenge. Like I challenged myself to keep doing it and see how much I could grow YouTube. And of course, I want potentially, once I want to help more people, so I do want to get like clients from it, and so on. But I just most of all want to share the information and knowledge that I have in order to help more people that way. Then if I can help them even more, and coach them or something like that, that’s, that’s great. But first of all, it was more so a challenge for myself to keep spreading more knowledge and keep it up. Because sometimes it gets kind of, I don’t know, you feel like you’re, you’re not getting that much response, or like, is it actually worth the time you’re putting into it. But in the end of the day, I think it is I think, even though people don’t always engage with the content you put out there, maybe they see it in some way that inspires them. And sometimes I do, like I do hear back from people saying that I inspire and motivate them. And when you hear that, that makes it even more worth it for sure.


Misbah  07:45

That’s what I was gonna say, how do you because it’s such a slow grind, like YouTube is similar. I love it, for this reason, to because it’s slow and painful in the way and it’s like, it’s like Olympic weightlifting, right and very slow gains, like a strict press, it’s not going to go up 10 pounds at a time PR it’s like very slow, slow progress sometimes. And, but But long term, or the rewards of it are sometimes so much greater than it’s worth, it feels good. And podcasting is very similar. Blogging is another one that all kind of fit that like long. It’s like investing in a retirement fund or 401k. You gotta like it’s not gonna flip overnight. But Instagram is. And that stuff is like crypto, right? You’re like, Okay, this could flip I can make money. I could become a millionaire overnight, or that’s the perception. Now, how do you put it? And I think it’s true in any of these platforms you choose, wherever you choose to create content, you’re going to face this is like, you run up against okay, I’m not getting a response or enough response. This doesn’t feel like it’s really worth doing. What in those times actually did help you to keep going? Is it the mess? I think you’re right, like those messages are very powerful. It can honestly like one can keep you going for months. Right? So what was it that was the messages and you just kind of like it came at the right time, every time like you were needing it?


Josefine  09:16

I feel like they actually do come at the right time most of the time, but also I think it’s more so because I’m used to it from both like Olympic lifting as you mentioned, but also from the bodybuilding aspect of things. There are like if I want to see success, I know that I have to keep going. So it’s more so for me as it is with bodybuilding. planning it out and how like having as a weekly or daily routine that you always like, put in as a task to get done. And when I have it there, like in my schedule, kinda I make sure that I always do it For some days, I do not put in a lot of work. And maybe it’s not the best video, but I put something out there and you never know what the response is going to be. Because sometimes the videos you think are not that great, maybe they’ll actually end up with a lot of views or responses. 


Misbah Haque  10:18

I really like that. Because it, it’s just like, there’s something too. If you’re talking about how do you add trust, or build trust, credibility, authority, all these different things, right? Just sometimes showing up, the more frequently, like three times five times instead of once or twice, even though it’s more aggressive, might not be sustainable, you can’t do it forever. When you do it, it that stance automatically sometimes establishes expertise and credibility, because you’re like, hey, I don’t know. But every day I’m gonna come up and share something related to this, right. And you can kind of count on me for that. Even if that’s not the explicit promise, it’s like people can expect a lot steady stream of like, inside your journey. And that’s kind of like like they’re hooked on it, they want to keep it’s like, it’s like a good book that you want to make sure like, you want to get to the end, you’re like, alright, I started it. And I don’t want to put it down, I need to know what happens. You’ve kind of created that experience, I think, or in the midst of figuring it out. And seeing you do it with YouTube is really cool. What are you focused on over the next, let’s say, three to six months? With whether it’s your YouTube, your Instagram? How are you kind of thinking about your content strategy a little bit overall?

Josefine  11:46

Yes, I’ve been I’ve been thinking a lot about it. And I always feel like it’s hard to know exactly what the audience wants. And sometimes when you ask, you might not get really the answer. And I try to give what I think they want. But I feel like I want it and niche it down a little bit more like having more maybe just like I workouts and lifestyle hacks. So I’m thinking about like doing that more like a, like probably more. So like my bodybuilding kind of like routines and journeys. Share what i do that i see success in because sometimes, or a lot of times I overthink things and I’m like, I don’t know if this is right, or if I should frame it like this, or if it can say like that, but I’m like it, everybody’s gonna have a different experience with things and like, people think that there is like a magic way to do to do it, or a quick fix or fad diet that will work magically. And I just feel like I need like, I want to put out what works for me. And if people want to try it out, they can go ahead and try it out. I’m not gonna say that it’s the only way. But yeah, just like being more like, open with everything I do and share my journey. I guess.


Misbah  13:03

You know what’s fascinating about that? I wonder if your clients, your existing people are some of your best top people of all time if you thought about them, if what convinced them to end up working with you if you were to go back or really ask them if it was the fact that like, there was something about what you were doing, that they liked, that they also wanted, or a version of that. I want. Like, it may not always be true, but maybe in your head like oh, like the way you’re like the workout program, you’re doing the like, whatever, like this person saw success, and they use your thing like, I don’t know, what what’s your experience on that with like, what you think maybe the top people that you’ve worked with, like, why did they end up choosing you? Maybe? Why do clients work with you? 

Josefine  13:53

That’s a super interesting question. And I kind of felt like I need to ask someone like Lyons. But I think it’s probably a mix of seeing the results that I got myself. And that I like helped other clients to reach and but also a little bit of my personality, I think, I don’t know if that sounds really weird. But yeah, I think it’s just that I’m like, I’m usually very, as a happy person. And I do try to relate to people and be in their shoes, or whatever you say. And help them in the way like helping them figure out a way of doing it that works for them.


Misbah Haque  14:36

And I wonder so that’s exactly what I was kind of getting at is that your unique like, personality, your way of doing things is what like there’s a lot of options if you’re a celebrity or a DJ or whatever. And it’s like you’ve got that at your disposal, but they ended up choosing you for that reason. And so it makes sense if you were to read Reverse engineering that the way to attract that as more is by putting out more that is sharing more about you and your unique stuff. And even if it’s like boring, boring to you. Yeah, if it’s exciting to the end person, that’s really all that matters. So I don’t know, there was something like very simple about what you said there. It’s like, a lot of it. Even if you were to ask him, I’m not sure if it can be fully articulated. So I wonder if a better way is to look at like, an example of let’s say, a doctor. Okay. So we all let’s say we have to choose a doctor or somebody to work with. When we meet two different doctors, and one is very, let’s just say the personality you just mentioned, like you, someone who is a little bit more positive, upbeat, friendly, like you feel kind of like, not a burden when you’re there, right? And, like, someone asks you, Hey, why did you like what do you look for in a doctor? You’re not going to be able to say, like, wow, you know, I want a doctor who’s like really upbeat and positive. Because like, that’s not the main thing, right? You’re just like, well, I just need a doctor. But truly, if so, if you break down someone’s choices, like my own even where I’m like, if what I go with this guy, or what I go with the office that’s like, they’re better. They work with professional athletes, but they’re assholes. Like, they’re not fun to work with. They’re like, they’re not nice. I mean, if I had the choice, I’m going to be drawn towards the people that I like, felt a little bit more of a pull towards, and people might not always be willing to acknowledge that or be able to say exactly that, like, Oh, I was attracted to your stuff. Because like, you remind me of like, myself when I was starting out, or like, what I was doing this like that people will always say that to you. But sometimes it does come out. And when it does, it’s worth paying attention to because it’s like, you basically are reverse engineering that process for content. Yeah. It’s like, how do you create that same experience? But do it through YouTube, your Instagram, your podcast, wherever else you’re kind of doing it? So I don’t know. It’s just a different way of kind of thinking about I guess your content.


Josefine  17:24

I’ve never really thought about it that way. So that’s really helpful, actually.


Misbah  17:30

 I don’t know if I’ve honestly exactly thought about it in this particular way, either. I think that was a fun byproduct of getting to do this conversation. So thanks for hanging out and doing this today. Where can we keep up with what you’re doing? Because obviously, on your YouTube channel people can check that out if they want. What else do you have going on that you’re excited about?


Josefine  17:50

So follow me on Instagram as well @iamjosephineholmberg there, like that’s usually where I post daily and I post like stories as well with what’s going on in my life. That’s probably the most the main to my YouTube and my podcast, and then Instagram.


Misbah  18:13

Love it. Okay. I will also get all that linked up in the description. But thanks again for taking the time and just being open and sharing kind of your experience as you go along. Because it’s, it’s fun to check-in. And it was great doing that today with you.


Josefine  18:28

 Yeah, thank you so much for having me.

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