Podcast Conversation Planner



Product Description :

This is a planner designed for coaches to help them access their best selves by removing all the logistical anxiety before pressing record. So that you can stay present and access your best self.
You want your podcast to be great. It’s gonna go through some bad reps in order to get there. But there are things you can do to:
  • Create a memorable listener experience so they’ll want to come back and share your episode
  • Document the β€˜YOU’ with a little less anxiety and overwhelm
  • Elicit stories that become clips for people to experience on demand
  • Orchestrate a form of conversational jazz that becomes fun to listen to
  • A planner to help you feel confident in solo and guest episodes
  • How to create an amazing guest experience from start to finish
  • How to start and exit the episode without tripping up your wires
  • Questions to keep in your back pocket
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