Podcasting With Headphones vs No Headphones

Podcast Transcript

What’s up everybody. This is Misbah Haque and today I want to talk to you about something that is often debated. And there’s no real right or wrong answer to this. But should you wear headphones while podcasting or, you know, is it pretty much useless? And the answer to this question really depends on whether you are doing in-person guest interviews. Or if you are doing remote interviews, if you’re doing solo podcasts, you don’t have to have the headphones on. I mean, I’m recording this into this mic and I don’t have any headphones on right now. I will say whether you’re doing solo or you’re doing guest episodes.

the one benefit to actually having headphones on is that you can hear exactly what the end-user or the listener is going to be hearing. And that’s pretty valuable because there’s just certain pauses and timing and silence and things like that.

I feel that you can pick up on when you have headphones that may not be so obvious when they’re off. It can also be very useful for the guest so that they can hear what’s going on. And it makes for a pretty smoother back and forth, right? If somebody starts talking over you, that might be okay. But they’re very aware of that when they have headphones on. Now, let me tell you a little bit about why you need headphones. If you are going to be doing a remote podcast, the reason you need headphones. If you are doing remote, guest episodes is that in a lot of the platforms that you will be using. Whether it’s Riverside or Zencaster, or they’re recording it on their own end. Because the sound comes out of the computer.

If they’re not wearing headphones, there can be a lot of feedback that goes into the mic and it can be a nightmare for post-production.

It’s actually to the point now where, like I have a note in my booking link. When podcast guests actually kind of pick a time, that’s like, Hey if you don’t have access to headphones, we might have to reschedule this thing. That’s how big of a deal. That’s how much it can mess things up a little bit. If you are doing it remotely. Now, if you’re doing this in person, here’s the advantage is you don’t necessarily need to have them on. And you can have more of a conversational, relaxed type vibe, right? So obviously in a place that is a little bit more crowded. Like I’ve done podcasts in a gym while everybody is still working out.

So you can hear a bar bells, clanging, you can hear a little bit of the music in the background. You’re like, oh, I hope they don’t pick up on the copyright for this.

You know, the way to avoid that is just to put the headphones on because it is really kind of drowns out everything and allows the interaction to be really present. If you are in somewhat of a quiet place though, already, then I would say, you could go without the headphones. So in person, it doesn’t really matter as much. It’s more of a preference kind of thing. But if you’re doing remote conversations, most of the time, it’s helpful to have those headphones on. You know, there might be some situations where it doesn’t matter as much. But to stay on the safe side, keep the headphones on, keep your ears cosy. It’ll look good, right.

Especially if you, if you get something nice. So if you’re going to wear headphones. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the skull candy that you had from the fifth grade. It might be time to step it up a notch, maybe get some air pods. Or if you’re not into the air pods, whatever the rock uses or write something, that’ll make you feel good when you put it on. Anyways. I hope that was helpful. If you enjoyed this video, make sure that you like and subscribe. And, I appreciate you tuning in. Thank you so much. I am Misbah Haque and I’ll see you next time.


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