How to use asynchronous coaching to monetize podcasts

When you have a coaching business, one of the essential things you need to consider is to meet the client’s demand for your time. This is where you either build or in the worst-case scenario it can break your relationship with your client. 

Did you also wonder how you could coach clients without having to book more calls all the time? How can you accommodate your clients without sacrificing each customer’s demand for you?

Discover the meaning of asynchronous consultation or asynchronous coaching and how to use it to scale your business.

Show Notes:

0:00– Asynchronous Consultations
01:57– Why Asynchronous coaching or consultations are profitable
03:36– Is it the same as having a live interaction and call where you can ask all your questions?
04:35– Asynchronous Consulting is an excellent firsts service, continuing service, or a funnel into your other services
06:32– The benefits of asynchronous consulting to sales
08:25– Asynchronous consulting is a great way to make your client profitable

What is Asynchronous Consultation/ Asynchronous Coaching?

Asynchronous consultation shares information even if there’s no real-time interaction between the person and his consultant or practitioner. This means not happening or being done at the same time.


As a fitness coach for ten years, I’m into remote coaching; my deliverables include writing fitness programs, answering questions and comments online, and reviewing footage of my clients. And that doesn’t stop there; I need to do consultations with clients for around 30 minutes once or twice a month.

A problem that you may encounter

Wanting to keep as many clients as possible is challenging for most coaches. It is tough to make sure that everybody’s getting scheduled on time. You need to keep track of that because the consultations aren’t just your work alone. You also have other deliverables. 

Ricky of Income School helped me with this hassle when introducing this Asynchronous consultation because consultations are there even if you aren’t present.

How Does Asynchronous Consultation help a Business to become profitable?

1. Showing up doesn’t matter anymore.

You don’t have to show up on a video or phone call. A client will send their voice memo recording containing their queries, explaining their struggles, fears, dreams, and the things they needed your help with, and then send that over to you. You answer those questions on your own time, which you might be able to do faster because you aren’t waiting for that to get scheduled back and forth and likely doing it during business hours. 

2. This makes you ACCESSIBLE

Suppose you are trying to adopt an international timezone for your work. You want to offer this service while doing podcasts or anything you contribute to coaching and teaching other people. In that case, this Asynchronous coaching is an ideal option that you can offer to make it accessible.

How does it make you Accessible?

You don’t have to charge as much for this one-on-one time, but you have to show up in person or remotely potentially. You do it on your own time at any time you want. And if you want to put thought into someone’s question that you are coaching, you can do that. The time is yours, and it depends on you alone.


Often this Asynchronous consultation isn’t the same as calls and live interaction. Why? If you are in a live exchange or call, the tendency to go off track is high. There will always be more questions that you need to answer, and you might cover certain things, but then, it doesn’t go to others. There’s also a possibility that it won’t go exactly as you wanted it to. 

What’s good about Asynchronous Coaching? For example, if you have a call booked after often three, four, or five calls and you need to cut off your current call on a traditional live interaction, you might feel bad leaving that client without finishing answering queries. But with this Asynchronous coaching, messages can be done for those unanswered queries, and you can get back to the client. A concept of recording to your phone, making it a voice memo, and then sending that over to the client.


3. Gaining more potential leads and clients by answering them at your own TIME

I’d like to point out that I’m offering your actual coaching where you have to be present or in a video call, and the need to sync up will take away some of your time to find an additional client that you can charge at a higher price.


But what’s good about asynchronous consulting is since you and the client don’t need to be there in real-time, you can charge them a little bit CHEAPER or a little bit EXPENSIVE and accessible. Frequently, for consulting and coaching to make sense, if you are offering service, you need to charge the client a justifiable amount. This asynchronous consulting is an excellent service and even a funnel into your other services.


4. It Gives you a product-type feel.

Offering a service is like providing a good or a tangible product. But being biased towards services, concrete products have their problem, and this takes a decent amount of work to make that a successful monetization stream.

Suppose you are into offering service like me. In that case, this asynchronous consulting is where you can view it as a tangible product that someone might be interested in purchasing from you. You can get creative with what you are offering. How? If a client avails of your service, they might have an interactive conversation by getting up follow-up questions, answering them, or even giving them access through our business email or phone number through text.

Remember that only a few people are doing it, and taking a leap and getting curious about what will happen over the next three to five years is quite interesting.


5. The Busier you get, the More CLIENTS you have

More leads mean you need to hop on the phone with everybody; these asynchronous consultations do their job well. It isn’t beneficial just on your side but to the client since they will be given more time to reflect rather than in an actual person or remote conversation. You won’t get the most factual answer right then and there.

Some people don’t want to deal with high volumes of messages, but if you send them a voice memo on their phones, they love to answer them and get back to people that way.

If you are more introverted and doing videos and in-person stuff, and it feels like they are taking your time and energy, you may want to try this asynchronous coaching.



Let me know your thoughts about this asynchronous coaching, and if you want to hire me, just drop a message here.

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