Fix the “Activate Apple ID” Error for Podcast Submission

Apple ID are as much as essential and canโ€™t be discarded when it comes to availing of Apple services. This doesnโ€™t limited to their services alone, but as one of the features of Apple products having this iCloud, it allows you to automatically back up your data on your device in case you need it to be restored or replaced.

Furthermore, you need to have an APPLE ID account, if you’re doing podcast, this will let you submit your podcasts to your Apple Podcast. Without an APPLE ID, you can’t distribute your podcast to this directory.

In this topic, you will learn how to fix that “Activate Apple ID” Issue on your account.

Show Notes:

  • (0:06): Set up Apple ID
  • (1:24): Activate Apple ID


How to create an new APPLE ID in Apple devices

ย The first thing that you will do is to create a new APPLE ID to set up your device. Even though you will start from scratch, it allows you to access all Apple devices and services.


1. Tap the “Forget Apple ID or password?” or the “Create yours now” if you don’t have any.

2. If you click “Create yours now,” you will select your birthday and enter your name. Tap “Next” after.

3. Confirm your phone number and email. This will help you confirm your identity as a natural person.

Add your payment information.ย They don’t charge you for anything; they want to authenticate you as a natural person and as a way of keeping a payment method on file.

5. Download any app.ย 
Review their terms and conditions. That’s the main point why you are undergoing those stuff.


Do you think this is a problem? No. There are steps and ways to do that.

  1. Set up your browser and Apple ID.
  2. Download the iTunes App as a replacement for your Apple devices since it is available on your Windows laptop.
  3. Feel free to go ahead as it will ask you to review the terms and conditions, which you need to do, and then add your payment info. All of that stuff can be done within the Apple ID Portal.

Would you like to know if all is good now?ย 

Sign in and authenticate your identity by verifying from your phone.

2. If you see this head saying, “Activate your Apple ID,” please complete the abovementioned steps.

3. You’re all good now. You can click on the link to get started.

Links for Troubleshooting mentioned in the video:

Creating an Apple ID:ย

Creating Apple ID on browser:ย

US Apple Support Number: 1 (800) 275-2273

International Apple Support Numbers:ย

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Misbah Haque ย 00:00

If you are dealing with issues when it comes to your Apple ID because I did and I talked to Apple tonight for quite a bit.


Misbah Haqueย  00:06

The Apple ID process was annoying for me tonight because I started from scratch and created a new one using a new Gmail, when you do that, you have to confirm the fact that you are a real person. So you have to have a phone number, and you have to have your email, and confirm through both of those things. The next thing you have to do is add your payment information and try to download any app. I know it sounds weird, but that is how they authenticate that you’re a real person, they don’t charge you for anything. It’s just keeping a payment method on file. And the next thing that downloading an app allows you to do is review their terms and conditions, which from Jonathan whom I talked to today is the main point of them doing all this. So thankfully, I was able to do this on my phone. And I also inquired about what it’s like for non-iOS users. If you don’t have one, but still want to be on Apple podcasts. How do you go about doing this? And the answer was to mainly set this up in your browser, Apple I’ve included this again in the description below. So make sure to check that out. And since you don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, or a MacBook that you might be using to download an app and accept the terms and conditions, the method that you use is going to be a little bit different on your Windows device, you’re going to download the iTunes app because that is something you can download on like a Windows laptop or something like that. And so anytime you go ahead and do that, it’s going to now ask you to review the terms and conditions which is mainly what you need to do, and then adding your payment info and all of that good stuff can easily be done within the apple id portal. So once that is all good, you’re going to basically sign in here, it’s going to ask you to authenticate and verify it looks like I have to use my phone right now.


ย Misbah Haqueย  01:58

Okay, now that I have logged in to my Apple ID, this is what you should be seeing. If you see yourself in a position where it says Activate your Apple ID, then you have to go ahead and complete the steps that I just mentioned. If you face any issues, check out some of the other links I placed in the description. And that should help you out. That’s usually the really annoying part when you first set it up fresh because you can’t do anything until that’s activated.

ย If you have any questions, feel free to message me at [email protected] or visit my Instagram account @podmahal

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