Enhancing Client Check Ins With Podcasts

Client check in may be done through:

  1. Personal Meeting
  2. Zoom Call/Video Call
  3. Phone Call
  4. Email
  5. Text/Chat Message
  6. Forms (to be fill out by clients)
  7. Podcasts

Take advantage of using your Podcast Episode to communicate with your client by engaging and recommending a specific episode that is relevant to the topics you currently have.

Or if your client is having a hard time sleeping, you might as well recommend listening to Sleep Optimization Podcast with Dan Pardi. In this podcast, he/she will learn how to achieve the ultimate goal in life: a good nightโ€™s sleep!

Things to remember when you do Client Check ins:

  1. Make sure to schedule it. (e.g. once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month)
  2. Allocate adequate time for your clients (e.g. 30 minutes/consultation)
  3. Inform your client about the medium used (zoom call, phone call, or email)
  4. Gather some details about your clients.
  5. Recommend a specific podcast episode to your client.
  6. Formulate questions beforehand about what your clients would want to ask.

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Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

    Podcast Transcript:

    Misbah Haqueย  (00:00):

    Hey guys Misbah Haque here. Welcome back to another episode of Podmahal. Today, I’m excited to dive into the topic of check-ins with you if you are a coach, a trainer a business owner, or freelancer and you are doing some form of check-ins with your clients, whether that’s in person, whether that’s on a zoom call or a phone call. This is a fairly common practice. And so one of the challenges that I know I’ve run up against, especially when I was managing a roster of about 60 to 70 clients, doing what I was doing about once a month or once, like bi-weekly video calls with these clients. And that adds up over the course of 60 to 70 people.ย 

    And you have to figure out how to kind of manage not only your calendar in a way that’s going to allow you to bring your best self to each one of those check-ins. But now you’re going to start to see, especially if you’re growing, your roster time is at a premium, and the extra 15 minutes, the extra 30 minutes that you might give to a client, you definitely want to reserve that space in your business to be able to gift that to people. But you might be in a position now where you have back-to-back consults.ย 

    And so you really want to teach and educate your clients about a certain topic, let’s say it’s intermittent fasting, for example, that’s something you might want to really dive into in your check-in. But hey, there’s all these other areas you have to cover, you only have 30 minutes, how much can you really say in that time you’re probably going to get good with being able to do that. But it’s also stressful, and it can feel like information overload for the client sometimes. So one way that you can enhance these client check-ins is by using podcasts.ย 

    You can record an episode on intermittent fasting, it could be with you, it could be with another expert that you’ve discussed this topic at length with and just by you passing this along to a client, let’s say they schedule out a consultation with you a couple three days out if you can pass this along to them Be like, Hey, I want you to really listen to this episode or at least listen to this part at 32-minute mark, I think you’ll find it really useful for a conversation on Wednesday, excited to catch up.

    And if you can pass along these episodes, and because here’s what you’re doing on each episode, you’re trying to capture your best self anyways, whether it’s just you, whether it’s with a guest.ย 

    So if you’ve said it, if you’ve described a topic or described you’ve taught something in a way that you really like, and you resonated with us those episodes to help enhance some of your client check-ins. Another thing to keep in mind is like I’m doing that, well, I’m doing that with this right here, if you think about it, right. So I remember a client who submitted a request to the consult form to talk to me, and this was about marketing and stuff. And I had this marketing podcast, which only had like seven episodes at the time. It was video to video and didn’t get any really views at all, it was mainly audio/video was getting a little some downloads here and there, but it wasn’t anything significant.ย 

    And this guy referred to a podcast episode that he listened to. And not only that but a specific part from there, which was relevant to whatever we were talking about like our sale, the discovery call. And it was a part that I didn’t even remember talking about, but he did so that’s it’s a great way of offloading information that’s really that can speak to people for time to come.ย 

    Like that episode, I had probably done two, three months before that. And this guy accessed it two, three months later when he was really making a buying decision, and considering me, and that was a piece that really pushed him over the edge. So definitely take advantage of podcasting in that format. Another thing that’s really, really important that I’ve discovered over the course of I would say the last couple of months, I’ve really begun to appreciate this is when I analyze my

    My own behavior of when I consume content, whether that’s on YouTube, or podcasts that I listened to, or even Instagram posts may be the accounts that you follow or, or blogs that you read or your Google searches, whatever you’re learning. When I think about some, I’m usually consuming a lot of education, and how-to stuff when I’m not feeling the greatest. Because if I’m feeling Gray, if I’m firing on all cylinders, I am not really consuming that much stuff, I’m more so in a mode of just creation, right.ย 

    But if I am consuming something and searching for something, there is a problem to be solved, right? Whether it’s minor, or whether it’s major, it’s an itch that needs to be scratched. So you want to keep that in mind. And one of the things I’m not sure if other people are in this boat, but I’m not saying that you’re at your lowest of lows when you’re consuming this content, but it can be a spectrum of anywhere like you’ve really fallen off the boat, let’s say with your fitness, you feel terrible, your clothes aren’t fitting anymore, you used to be in shape, you’re feeling a lot of shame, all that stuff. And you listen to a podcast, from a host or a person or a coach that is actually can resonate with this person based on where they’re at. Some people might need a Jocko willing, right?ย 

    They might need a boot camp drill sergeant-type vibe to motivate them out of that place. And then there are others who might need people who can really speak to the problems that they are facing at that moment. And I know what it’s like for me when somebody specifically calls out an issue that they’re also experiencing or a version of it that I can kind of connect with. All of a sudden, my ears perk up, right? And I’m tuned in, I want to hear what this person has to say. So podcasting is a great way for you to think about, what do you talk about on check-ins already? with clients? So what are some problems that they are bringing to their consultations that you discuss? Or, or questions you get on your Instagram, and based on whatever some of those topics are, you can now create themes for the episode, so definitely write these down. Because if a couple of your clients are thinking this, then a lot of other people are.ย 

    And also it’s a great opportunity for you to document your response to a problem like this, right? What is the solution? What are you going to kind ofโ€ฆ How are you going to approach this? And you can give people a preview for that without them ever having to talk to you because a lot of times like people sometimes we do want to hop on maybe a call and discuss things with somebody. But when you’re not feeling that great when your motivation is low, you don’t feel like hopping on a zoom call with somebody, right? You might, you might but more so than not giving people free options where they can download stuff, they can consume questions that can help them work through something, or they can DM or text you or there’s some form of engagement there.

    That’s a great channel to keep open after they listen to your podcast episode. But really, if you think about it, it’s a chance. Anytime I’ve listened to or consumed a piece of content when I’m not feeling that great, that was always an opportunity for me to get closer to whoever the host is or whatever the show is, and really just appreciate it on a whole new level because it does pull you in, you get pulled in to their conversation, your problem gets solved or you feel some sense of relief there. And so this is something to keep in mind when you are in creation mode, right? So think about what you would feel like when you’re not feeling your best. What do you want to hear?ย 

    What do your clients want to hear? How do you troubleshoot issues? You can display some of these as your top episodes. When you have an ideal client that’s scrolling by, it’s something that serves the exact purpose that video and Instagram and all that stuff does, which is hey, do I like this person’s vibe? Can I get along with them? How do they feel about macros? How do they feel about intermittent fasting? Do I feel that way? Is this person going to be too strict? Are they too rigid? Are they going to understand my lifestyle? Like all these questions that are? Also the questions that they aren’t asking you on check-ins?ย 

    Think about those, and use that also as a guiding light to come up with your podcast titles and answer questions on your podcast. Because if you can answer it before, they’re even, like asking it or right when they ask it. That’s the level of connection that you’re going to have with your listener with your follower that is really long-lasting, and fits into that like 1000 true fans concept, right? So the likelihood of them taking action on other stuff is much, much higher. But anyway, in this episode, I really wanted to focus on how you can use podcasting.ย 

    And the idea of check-ins that if you’re already doing this, whether it’s online or on a video call or something like that, how do you bring that energy? How do you capture that vibe, and display on your podcast when you are doing these check-ins, you’re probably, you get you to talk to each client a little differently, you vibe with them differently, and it’s a great opportunity to mentally even get in that space. So you don’t just go off into preacher mode when you’re recording a solo episode. I know I’ve done that sometimes, but you’re thinking of one person that you might be talking to and how you might be engaging with them.ย 

    So it’s real, podcasting is a real opportunity for you to help lift people up when they’re not feeling their best, or when they have a real problem that needs to be solved. And I hope this was useful in helping you understand a couple of ways that you can use it to enhance your current client check-ins as well. So remember, make sure to head over to pod mahal.com. Check out our free resources. We’ve got a free podcasts launch checklist, we’ve got a free pod mahal budget book, which is all the equipment that you might need me reviewing all that good stuff.ย 

    And then we’ve got a workbook so how to ask questions to help you shape your ideas even before getting into any techie stuff with launching. It’s a great playbook for that. So all this stuff is available at podmahal.com. Make sure to check us out on Instagram @podmahal. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or need some help kind of shaping your ideas. I’d love to chat with you. But thanks again for tuning in. And I’ll talk to you next time.

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    Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.

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