Unfair advantage of being a beginner

One of the things that sucks about being a beginner is this feeling of wanting to rush to the end and be the expert.
That exact desire works to your disadvantage because you won’t start. You won’t feel like your ideas are valuable enough to put out there until you reach this goal of “knowing it all.”
But one of the mediums that actually rewards being a beginner is podcasting.
Because it’s important for you to be relatable to ask questions that other people are going to ask.
To explore topics that are other people are also going to be thinking about.
And if you can take advantage of not knowing and being like, you know what, I don’t know.
I’m gonna own it. I’m gonna figure it out, learn about it.
I may not gonna figure it out in one episode.
But let’s do it together.
Let’s see where this goes. If you can lean into that angle, then you win.
That can be documentation from Episode 1 to 100 of you, diving deep on a subject.
And over time, getting better, knowing more, and becoming your own version of an ‘expert’.
That type of change is much more interesting to watch than a character in a movie who has it figured out from day one? That’s pretty boring. 
We don’t watch movies where characters have it all figured out.
So why are we all trying to be the characters in our podcasts, our Instagram posts, and our content — where we know it all?
I hope this helps if you are in the beginning stages of anything.
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