Doing The Work w/ Athan Schindler


Who is Athan Schindler?

Athan Schindler is a former airborne ranger who became a gym owner, strength coach, small business owner, podcast host, warrior, and father.


How are all these possible for Athan?

At a young age, Athan keeps his nose to the grindstone to get the things he desires. In order to sustain his education, he did a lot of work. He encountered a lot of hardships however it’s not a hindrance for him to be successful in his career and in his business. According to Athan,  “I am not afraid to fail”, if you want something, be ready to fail and never give up. These failures will help you prosper and grow.

Athan started his business while he’s in the military. “It takes COURAGE to start a new path,” Athan said. He leaps from being a member of the military and enters into the Fitness Industry and becomes an entrepreneur.. He became a gym owner and he owns a grocery store. He never settles for less. He used any possibility as an opportunity to create and innovate ideas and to start a new path. 

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.


    Doing The Work w/ Athan Schindler

    Athan mentioned that you need to stay focused, dream big and aim for it and never forget to TAKE ACTION. Ideas will never work if they remain an idea and in pursuing these ideas you need to be more involved in what you do. 

    To maintain interest in your goals, never stop learning, be knowledgeable. It’s important to have a clear vision for each of the possible outcomes.  




    It is important to understand what your priorities are because it will allow you to have more attention to complete the big tasks that are more important than the less prioritized tasks. And it is as simple as: “if it doesn’t matter, then don’t prioritize it.”

    2. DO THE WORK 

    Do the work every day. It is important that we are doing the tasks every day for our business to improve, if we are doing it every day, it will become easier for us as the days go by. 


    There is a famous quote saying:  “The quicker you fail, the faster you will succeed” It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, not just in creating or building businesses but in all things that we do. What’s important is that when we fail, we are learning. 

    If we fail often, we will learn a lot of things for us to become better. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is normal. Without failure, we cannot learn and we cannot improve. 


    Owning everything in your life simply means you need to enjoy what you have right now. Your life, your career, your savings, your friends and your family, The ones who support your dreams, the things that made you happy, these are the things MONEY can’t buy. Everything that you have in your life. You must be thankful for all of it because it plays a huge part in you. 


    In whatever you do, always choose kindness. It doesn’t matter what your degrees are or where you graduated in college. It doesn’t matter how rich and famous you are. It doesn’t matter what clothes or shoes you wear as long as you RESPECT other people and you treat them the way you also wanted to be treated. That will stand out for every trait that you have. Because in the end, we are all equal. We may have different beliefs and perspectives in life but it is really important to be kind at all times. 

    Athan did a great job in achieving his goals. He helped a lot of people for free and it turned into one of his businesses right now. He is one of the nicest people and one of the most knowledgeable in his business. All the experiences and the hardships that he encountered along the way benefited him to become a better version of himself right now and also the person he wanted to be. 


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