Best wireless headphones under $100 (Soundcore Anker Life Q30)

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    Finding a good pair of headphones that are, under 100 bucks is almost impossible. So I am very impressed with these pair of headphones, I was very skeptical when I first bought them. I’m a bit of a sound nerd, I know that I wanted something that was wireless, and you find something that actually noises canceling. And if you’re okay with like 95% of the noise being canceled, then yeah, it’s great. Of course, that extra 5%. That’s what you’re paying for when you pay an extra 100 bucks or whatever it is, at some point, I would love to get like the Beats Studio or whatever is the cool, amazing, crisp sound quality. 

    But for now, this honestly gives me a very similar experience. And I’ve had it for well over six months. So I wanted to share how it’s gone so far. Now, now I know I mentioned that this cancels out about 95% of the noise, I often use these headphones, without even playing anything sometimes just to kind of focus or drown everything out. Because I live in the city, there’s a lot of ambient noise that’s kind of going on, this can be a really nice solution for that. And that was something I was looking for, for the headphones to also serve your plugs in a way. Now the next thing that I really like is when you have it on like this, if you just hold your hand on top of it like that, it basically goes to transparency mode, where now you can kind of hear what’s going on around you so you don’t feel so out of place. 

    Like when I’m at Planet Fitness or something. I like to use noise canceling. But I want to be able to switch very easily just be aware of my space. So that’s really nice. Now, the next thing that I really like is the battery life on this, I mean, this thing lasts forever. They say like 40-hour playtime, which is pretty cool, I will show you something that you have to keep in mind. So when you hold this, it basically will power it on. And it doesn’t necessarily turn off automatically like it will stay on all night. If you forget to turn this thing actually off see to hold it in until it kind of blinks red. And then it’s off. 

    That’s just something small that I noticed. Something you’re probably wondering is Hey, how is this also for working out I know, I wanted to use it for editing and be precise with sound. But at the same time, I wanted to be able to go to the gym and work out with it. Because my air pods would fall out if I was doing leg lifts or something like that. Or I did something that was a little tiny bit explosive. My ear canal just isn’t built for it. So I needed something over the ear that was comfortable. And I will say this is okay for that it’s not wonderful. If you plan on moving around. Let me just show you real quick. So if I put this on, and I’m like Jen and out rock and Eve, it comes up for if you’re doing sled poke, that’s like falls, what am I thinking of adding something aggressive, right, where you’re moving your head like that, it just, it will come off. And but for most things that I’ve done in the gym, just like lifting or being on the Stairmaster or something like that, like you’re going to be fine. The other thing is you can’t use it while it’s charging. So just keep that in mind. 

    This does get charged through a USB C port, which is like what you use for iPads and Mac books and things of that nature. It gives you one that you can you know plugin, you do need that little brick outlet part that the wire kind of goes into. But you’re pretty good to go. If you have that connecting to it is probably the last thing you’re thinking you want to be able to easily put this on connect to it on whatever device you’re using. For example, if I’m on my iPad, but I go to my iPhone, and I want to switch it over. Can you do that? And the answer is yes, of course, to pair it initially, you just hold the power button and then wait for it to show up in your list of devices and select it. Once you pair this up initially, it’s honestly good to go with one click it switches over pretty seamlessly. 

    So yeah, this is called the Soundcore Anker Life Q30. It’s priced at like 80 on Amazon right now. Make sure to use my link in the description if you do end up getting this. But if you are looking for something that’s budget-friendly, and you’re scouring through Amazon reviews for it, I did I waste a lot of time on that and I kept coming back to this over six months later. Now I’m pretty happy that I have this I’m gonna continue to use it until it dies out. These weren’t beats or anything but they look to the point where it almost fools people. It’s like Oh, are those beats it’s like now there are knock-offs. And for a head like mine. I mean, I do wish that it was a little bit slimmer. 

    I think it makes my head look a little bit bulky but I don’t really give a crap about the aesthetics of it too much. I agree We’d mainly care about the sound quality and I want it to be accurate when I’m editing or when I’m playing back and listening to things when I’m listening to music on the bass and stuff to be really nice. So this really fits the bill. If you’re looking for something under 100 bucks, give it a whirl. And if you do, let me know what you think. Thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out some of the other ones here or save them for later. I think you’ll like them too. 

    See you next time.


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