Behavior Profiling, Body Language, Dating Like a Detective w/ Lily Walford

Lily Walford, a Dating & Relationship Coach For Intelligent Professionals, Creator of the Compatibility Matrix , Radio Host & Entrepreneur, also supports Singles To Meet A Compatible Partner In As Little As 21 Days Without Dating Apps. 

According to Lily, โ€œwe are all a product of our past, our past made us powerfully built.โ€ Lilyโ€™s first relationship is with a psychopath narcissist or also known as people who cannot sense other people’s feelings or see the world from any perspective apart from their own. They donโ€™t have a sense of conscience or guilt to stop them behaving immorally. Lily is in a terrible relationship like someone cannot commit or someone was emotionally unavailable, through these experiences, Lily started to learn different types of personality. 

She became one of the known dating coaches because she also experienced unhealthy relationships that made her jump into her passion wherein helping people to have a healthy and inseparable connection.

Bite-sized action items to go from dreaming to streaming your podcast.


    Things that Lily mentioned:ย 

    • The importance of respecting other peopleโ€™s choices

    If they will say โ€œnoโ€, respect it because that is a huge red flag if you cannot respect other peopleโ€™s opinions whether in romantic relationships or in business relationships. You must respect every individual’s boundaries.ย 

    • What is love bombing?

    Love bombing is like when someone tries to compliment you, someone will say a lot of beautiful things about you, It will make us feel good and itโ€™s very addictive. So if you are in a narcissistic relationship, and when you are going to appreciate them, you will become their only source of feeling good. So that is the reason why they isolate you. Theyโ€™ll stop you from seeing your friends, your families because they only want your attention to be more focused on them.ย 

    • The tonality of the voiceย 

    It is important to be familiar with someone we are talking to because when someone is talking using the tone of their voice and their body language, we can easily figure out if that person is happy or angry. We can feel if the person is knowledgeable and confident when they are talking because of the tone of her voice.ย 

    • Blink rates

    We normally blink (12) twelve times/minute. But if we are super relaxed or super interested our blink rates drop down to (4) four blinks/one minute., e.g. when you watch a movie that you enjoy, youโ€™ll notice that you seldomly blink but if youโ€™re not interested or bored, you blinked a lot.ย 

    • Lack of chemistry and passion

    When entering into a relationship, it is important to maintain passion, chemistry, and collaboration. One of the reasons why you are losing chemistry and passion is because you donโ€™t see each other as equal. You’ve got one person nagging, you’ve got one person feeling like they’re not enough in the relationship because you are not collaborating anymore, the chemistry and passion just dies.ย 

    So before dating, it is necessary for you to have your own observations if the one that you are talking to is interested in you. You can locate it at their tone of voice, blink rates, and their body language. And it is also important to check if both of you are emotionally available.ย 

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